My garden is alive with fledglings this morning. This is just 2mins worth!


Lubna Azabal & Andrew Buchan,The Honourable Woman

I glad we got his thumbs…. :D

… but imagine his eyes … and smile :)

Promise me!

What happened next? 

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chough, stonechat, whinchat, willow warbler

- looking forward to seeing all these birds, and more, on Islay in a few weeks time



Why did you tell her?

Are you trying to ruin my marriage?

No, you can’t go.

       It was all my fault.

       I took her to Gaza….

       I’ve kept so many lies.

       You and I.

       We are one.


Preview trailer for ep7

The Honourable Woman - The signs are ominous

Urgh… I’ve been so depressed since the ep6 discoveries and revelations - it’s just not going to end well… :(

The Guardian ep6 The Mother Line recap is excellent, as usual, with probably 400+ interesting comments. I particularly agree with these:


[XI’ve got to say that Andrew Buchan really won me over this week. Ephra hasn’t been the most sympathetic character thus far, he’s had the air of a blunderer or a guy wading into things he can’t control because he wants to play at being a spy (or, as Nessa skewered him with last night, their father), but his dual showdowns with Nessa and Rachel were fantastic to watch and did bring me around to his way of thinking. “I got them out” is going to be his epitaph, because the certainty that doing so was the right thing to do is basically all he has left now, and despite everything that pushing over that domino has led to - he is right, he did get them out (both the soldier and Nessa/Atika) and nobody else was coming for them. Last week you got the sense of him doing what he did with the Israeli soldier because he wanted to sit at the grown-up’s table, but last night’s sequence in the garden, interrupting him just playing with his girls, spoke to a far more human motivation. Short-sighted, yes, but ultimately the right thing to do?

I agree that Atika is in this, deep, but I can’t put my finger on how or why. She just seems too central to be merely incidental, which is how she’s come off in the ‘present-day’ stuff - just on the sidelines, a shoulder to cry on and the archetypal grieving mother (or surrogate mother), especially after the flashback sequences and how everything ties back to 8 years ago I just don’t buy it.


[YAny thoughts on Atika’s role in all this? I don’t see how she could have burned and tried to kill her own brother, but I do think she is involved. At least in the kidnapping. Why else would we hear her say, every week, at the beginning : “If this is the price … for a nation”. I think she is involved in the kidnapping. She tells Kassim “don’t be afraid” before going to the concert. There is no good reason for that, even Ephra thinks it’s weird. It’s a classical music concert. Also, Kassim spots the guy who is going to kidnap him across the room, like he knows it’s going to happen and recognises him. Then he fails to follow Ephra and the girls. Nor does he try to run away to Nessa after Nathaniel shoots the kidnapper. I think he was told by his “mum” this was going to happen and to go with it. And as the episode finishes, the camera zooms in on Atika, her face grim and determined, who just like that decided to stay in that night. And just like that completely vacuums Kassim’s room and changes his toothbrush. 

Something. Is. Effy !


Andrew Buchan in The Honourable Woman S01 E06

It’s all unravelling…

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Meet the cat with a cat on its back.

Meet the cat with a cat on its back.


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need this poster!

need this poster!

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Saw my first ever Painted Lady yesterday -

and it returned today!